Teaching English in Shanghai

Often referred to as the New York City of the East, Shanghai is the perfect place to experience China’s upbeat and exciting lifestyle. Its unique colonial past has intertwined itself with an opportunistic and positive future that shows no signs of slowing down.

There will certainly be no lack of excitement for those lucky enough to teach English in Shanghai! Whether you’re next to a modern skyscraper or in a tiny dumpling shop, you’ll find culture and fun all around. Teach English in Shanghai


Teach English in Shanghai – The Pearl of the Orient

To teach English in Shanghai is to live in the epicenter of modern day China and to be a part of the animate growth and dynamic energy of a city racing to the future. The demand for learning English is as strong as ever and Shanghai is the place to be for high paying teaching jobs and the chance to build valuable experience while having the time of your life.

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Shanghai is truly an international metropolis in every sense of the word. The most vibrant and progressive city in China, Shanghai is the economic and cultural center, blending an incredible mix of Eastern and Western culture. On one side of the mighty Yangtze River flowing through Shanghai is the Pu Dong district, rural farm land just 20 years ago, it is now the financial and commercial hub with skyscrapers stretching ever higher. Along the western bank of the river, the iconic Bund is a reminder of Shanghai’s colonial past featuring grand European architecture.

To apply to teach English in Shanghai send us the following documents and we will contact you with more details of suitable positions within 2 working days:

Covering letter


Degree certificate

Recent photo

Preference for teaching young learners or adults (if any)

Availability to begin work

To teach English in Shanghai, you must have:

•   A full University degree

•   A TEFL certification (120+ hours). Click on the link for more information about TEFL courses. First tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai  lean strongly towards classroom based TEFL certifications or combined TEFL certificates that include online and classroom hours. If you are unsure about a TEFL course, go with a TEFL provider that will provide you with a certificate that does not have ‘online’ stamped across the front of it.

•   Two years of post graduate work experience

•   Some schools require teachers to have formal teaching experience

Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Shanghai

Although competition can be tough, there are many opportunities to teach English in Shanghai to students of all ages. Salaries allow for a comfortable lifestyle and can range from anything from 10,000 – 30,000 RMB (roughly 1,400 – 4,300 USD) per month. Schools often offer teachers free accommodation, either shared with another teacher or private, as well as other benefits which can include a flight allowance, health insurance, Chinese lessons, performance related bonuses and holidays.

Teaching Young Learners in Shanghai

There is an enormous demand for young learner teachers in Shanghai for the 7 to 14 year old age group. Parents see English education as an essential long term skill and classes run by foreign teachers generally focus on developing the students’ speaking and listening skills through a variety of fun activities, stories, English based games, songs and projects. Moving in the opposite direction of the traditional ‘listen and repeat’ style of teaching of the old days, teachers encourage real dialogues and make use of pair work and group work to get students using the language together. As well as detailed student and teacher books, schools stock a host of teaching materials and resources such as flashcards, posters, songs, activity books, toys, games and interactive white boards offering animated digital content which allow for a really engaging lessons for those looking to teach English in Shanghai.

Teaching Adult Students in Shanghai

A large number of young professionals, typically aged from 24 to 35 years old, now need English for both their professional and personal lives. As such, there are a great deal of ESL jobs in Shanghai for teaching adults, an example of an excellent school being Wall Street English. Communicative English classes are popular and aim at developing speaking skills and pronunciation through interactive activities such as role plays. Typical lesson topics could include arranging a holiday, ordering food or giving opinions on the latest news. Technology has now well and truly found a place inside the classroom, with online resources adding a new dimension to how classes can be run, offering the teacher more scope for creativity than ever before.

Business English classes typically focus on the skills needed by the company so topics will inevitably vary depending on the industry being taught to. For those looking to teach English in Shanghai to businessmen, lessons will focus on topics such as taking part in meetings, networking, negotiating, delivering short presentations, effective emailing and dealing with customers on the phone.

Outside of the classroom teachers are often expected to complete a number of other teaching related duties. These can involve lesson planning, parent-teacher meetings, marking tests, placement testing new students to determine their English level and taking part in school meetings and training sessions.

Access to the Latest and Greatest Teaching Jobs in Shanghai

Here at Redking Recruitment we are fully aware that there are plenty of less than reputable schools out there which is why all the schools we work with have been carefully screened. We take time to investigate the important details including the schools programs offered, course materials and resources, contracts and training programs. Just as we do not accept just any teacher onto our programs to teach English in Shanghai, we have strict guidelines for which schools to collaborate with and have been working with most for a long time now and have received lots of positive feedback from current teachers. Outlined below are some of the key reasons why we are best placed to assist you with finding jobs to teach English in Shanghai.

Up to date positions with well established schools throughout Shanghai

Comprehensive teaching resources and materials

Professional development programs

Year round start dates

Great salary: 11,000 – 30,000 RMB (roughly 1,500 – 4,300 USD) per month

Housing provided

Flight allowance

Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided

Airport pick up, orientation, set up assistance

We offer a completely free service for teachers, there are no costs for the recruitment process at all.

Requirements to teach English in Shanghai

Bachelor’s degree

TEFL certificate preferred (No TEFL? We recommend INTESOL)

12 months of full time teaching experience

Ability to commit to a 12 month contract

Open minded, patient, friendly and culturally sensitive

Apply Now to Teach English in Shanghai

Send us the following documents and we will contact you with more details of suitable positions within 2 working days:

Covering letter


Degree certificate

Recent photo

Preference for teaching young learners or adults (if any)

Availability to begin work

Get your application in today and teach English in Shanghai with one of the leading schools in the city.