Teaching English in ShenZhen


Teaching Jobs in Shenzhen

Teaching jobs in Shenzhen give you the opportunity to engage in the fast paced life of modern day China. Transformed from a fishing village just 30 years ago, Shenzhen is now considered one of China’s most dynamic and richest cities. Located in the south east of China in Guangdong province, less than an hour from Hong Kong, Shenzhen was named the first ‘Special Economic Zone’ in 1980, opening it up to global trade and incredible development.

With a hot, pleasant climate, an eclectic mix of people from around China and the world, Shenzhen has developed into a city with dynamic energy and exciting, high paying ESL teaching jobs. Shenzhen boasts a varied cuisine, a lively nightlife, exciting art scene and easily accessible beaches, so it’s no wonder teaching English in Shenzhen has become such a popular choice.

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Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen remains one of the most sought after destinations for English teachers in Asia and there are many opportunities to teach English in Shenzhen to students of all ages. Salaries allow for a comfortable lifestyle and can range from anything from 10,000 – 30,000 RMB (roughly 1,400 – 4,300 USD) per month. Schools often offer teachers free accommodation, either shared with another teacher or private, as well as other benefits which can include a flight allowance, health insurance, Chinese lessons, performance related bonuses and holidays.

Teach English in Shenzhen to Young Learners

There is an enormous demand for young learner teachers in Shenzhen for the 7 to 10 year old age group. Parents see English education as an essential long term skill and classes run by foreign teachers generally focus on developing the students’ speaking and listening skills through a variety of fun activities, stories, English based games, songs and projects. Moving in the opposite direction of the traditional ‘listen and repeat’ style of teaching of the old days, teachers encourage real dialogues and make use of pair work and group work to get students using the language together. As well as detailed student and teacher books, schools stock a host of ESL teaching materials and resources such as flashcards, posters, songs, activity books, toys, games and interactive white boards offering animated digital content.

Teach English in Shenzhen to Adult Students

A large number of young professionals, typically aged from 24 to 35 years old, now need English for both their professional and personal lives. As such, there are a great deal of ESL jobs in Shenzhen for teaching adults, a good example being with Wall Street English. Communicative English classes are popular and aim to develop speaking skills and pronunciation through interactive activities such as role plays. Typical lesson topics could include arranging a holiday, ordering food or giving opinions on the latest news. Technology has now well and truly found a place inside the classroom, with online resources adding a new dimension to how classes can be run, offering the teacher more scope for creativity than ever before.

Business English classes typically focus on the skills needed by the company so topics will inevitably vary depending on the industry being taught to. Lessons will focus on topics such as taking part in meetings, networking, negotiating, delivering short presentations, effective emailing and dealing with customers on the phone.

Outside of the classroom ESL teachers in Shenzhen are often expected to complete a number of other teaching related duties. These can involve lesson planning, parent-teacher meetings, marking tests, placement testing new students to determine their English level and taking part in school meetings and training sessions.